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WebServe, FtpServer, Weasel and Major Major

Four of the programs every OS/2 server needs.

Web Family Tree (WFT)

For putting your family tree on the web. Read about it here.

Find files

A utility to search for files in your file system. Download it here.


A scientific calculator.

Mail-to-news gateway

Category: freeware.

This provides a way to echo a newsgroup as a Major Major mailing list.

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Category: freeware.

A pair of utilities that convert INI files to and from human-readable form.

More details


Category: freeware.

A utility to list all of the source modules belonging to a Modula-2 program. I use this when creating a zip file of one of my programs for distribution. You probably don't need this, but it's included for interest.

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Category: freeware.

A client-server approach to editing INI files, for situations where you have to manage a machine remotely. There is (I hope) enough documentation with the server to allow you to develop your own more application-oriented clients.

Read the manual in [ English | Swedish ]
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Category: freeware.

A utility for setting your time zone and keeping track of summer time changes. This should really be part of your System Clock settings, but for some reason the OS/2 developers neglected to include this function. (But you don't need this if you have one of the eCS releases that included a bundled "world clock".)

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Category: freeware.

This is a Rexx script that scans all your disks looking for INF files. It creates a desktop folder that contains a program object to view the file, for every INF file in your system

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Category: freeware.

PMOS is a large source code library for Modula-2 programmers. For more details, see the pages describing the

Download the [ OS/2 version | DOS version ]

8085 cross-assembler

Category: unsupported.

This was developed for internal use in our own department. It works, but has absolutely no documentation, so it might be useless to anyone else. The zip file contains both DOS and OS/2 versions.

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Author: Peter Moylan
Last modified: 2 June 2019