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What is it?

What is it?

FtpServer is an ftp daemon for OS/2. Of course you could always use the ftpd that comes packaged with Warp Connect and later versions, but this one has better security controls, together with extra features such as symbolic links.

When you set up a user's access permissions for FtpServer, you do it in such a way that the user doesn't see physical drive and directory names. The user simply sees a directory tree whose root is called '/'. You, the system manager, will have mapped that '/' to a physical location (usually a different location for each user), but the user doesn't know about that.

In the simplest case, the user then has access to that directory and all of its subdirectories, and nothing else. If you want a more complicated arrangement, you can set up links in such a way that the user's directory tree crosses over to other physical drives or directories. You can also make some of the directories invisible.

Each directory that the user can reach has a set of permissions attached to it: visible, read, write, delete, rename. That means that you have control on what actions are possible in each directory. Indeed, you can also apply those permissions to named files if you need that detailed a control.

Other features of FtpServer include

  • You can place restrictions on which IP addresses may access the server
  • You can restrict multiple simultaneous logins from the same address
  • You can put transfer speed limits on some or all clients
  • You can make it work from behind a firewall

Read the manual

Read the documentation in [ English | Italian | Swedish ].


The latest version of FtpServer may be downloaded from ftp.pmoylan.org. FtpServer may also be found at the usual OS/2 archive sites, for example Hobbes or OS2Site. Typically these are the most recent "major update", so they might be slightly behind the version kept on this site.

Source files for FtpServer may be found in the same directory. Look for a file named ftpserSrc_N.N.zip, where N.N is the version number.

Other information

To find out more, you can take a look at some  screen shots or read the manual.
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Author: Peter Moylan
Last updated: 29 May 2021