INI and TNI file utilities

An INI file is a file where a program can store settings that should persist from one invocation to the next: preferences, window positions, and the like. Much of my software supports two different INI formats:

  • the native binary INI format supported by OS2;
  • TNI format, which uses a human-readable text file.
The software on this page is designed to make it easier to write software that does not need to know which of the two formats is being used. The format is itself taken from the file name: a file abc.ini is assumed to be in INI format, and a file abc.tni is assumed to be in TNI format.


The INIData package contains two DLLs called INIData.DLL and XDS230M.DLL. They should both be copied to a directory on your LIBPATH. These two DLLs are needed as prerequisites for several programs (Weasel, FtpServer, WebServe, Major Major).



This contains programs to convert between INI and TNI formats. It also contains some Rexx utilities for using INI or TNI files in Rexx scripts.

Download: GENINI.html


INIServe is a server application for remote manipulation of INI or TNI files. This can be used for remote management of programs. The package includes a sample client, but it makes sense to use application-specific clients, as used for example in the Setup programs for Weasel and FtpServer.

Read the manual in [ English | Swedish ]. (The Swedish version is a long way out of date.)


Author: Peter Moylan Last updated: 28 September 2020


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